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Printable Children Paperdolls
Printable Teenager Paperdolls

Children Printable Paperdolls

Betsy McCall Paperdolls: Janie's large collection of paperdolls and outfits from 1951 to 1990's McCall Magazines, listed by year.

Making Friends: 6 dolls plus party clothes. Also special themes: Easter, Brownie, Girl Scout, Boy Scout, leprechaun, sweetheart, Christmas, Native American, pilgrim, angel, nativity, denim, Halloween, tie die, patriotic, Bible, parade, astronaut, and more.

Boy: Loraine Wauer-Ferus' boy #1 and #2 and girls #1, #2 plus 5 other versions with Brownie, Jr GirlScout, GirlScout and BoyScout uniforms plus color outfit pages #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6. Also same outfit pages in b/w that you color.

Sonja Loraine & Zyia Rianne: Loraine Wauer-Ferus' b/w girl dolls plus Jason & Amber with 9 pages of outfits. Also same pages you can color online, then print. Also special Halloween costumes you can color online or download

Zyia: Loraine Wauer-Ferus' Christmas girl doll. Also Teri Lee, an early 1900s paperdoll, with outfits p.#1, p.#2 plus outfits to color. Plus an Amish girl, and Betsy 4th of July.

Sherry: BillyBear4Kids.com's girl paperdoll in wheelchair plus outfits, toys and cat. Also Patty in a wheelchair. Rose the ballerina, Ashley Nicole, color-the-outfits Ashley Nicole, mini-Ashley Nicole, Zyia, Annie, mini-Annie.

Becky: BillyBear4Kids.com's baby paper doll. Jordan, Kimber, color-your-own outfits, play pen, baby room #1, #2, directions, blocks.

Caitlin's collection of Mary Englebreit paperdolls. Boys, girls, babies, Ann Estelle, more.

Pearce Family Children: 1900 Denver boy and girl with outfits and extra outfits. Also Renoir's Camille, Suzanne, Marie with outfit page. Also Monet's Young John with outfit page and horse Goldie. From United States Historical Society.

Lene: Marianne Mathiasen's Danish paperdoll from Silkeborg with dress. Also dress #2, #3, #4, prehistoric dress, wedding dress, artist outfit, and canoe, marine, and safari outfits

Keesha: girl paperdoll and outfit #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6. Also Kendra with outfit #1, #2, #3, #4; Mae with outfits #1, #2, #3, #4; Samantha with outfits #1, #2, #3; and Patty with outfit #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6. From Patty Reed Designs.

Little Miss Shirley: girl paperdoll with outfits. Also Holly, Baby Alex, David, Celeste and Patty from Helen I Thomas Paperdolls.

Carver: Donna VanTreese's boy paperdoll with 4 pages of clothing. Also Paige with clothing; Victoria with clothing and Shey with clothing.

Sugar and Spike: 1971 boy and girl toddler paperdolls. Also 1967 Liddle Kiddles and Helen Page's 1870 Elissa and b/w Elissa. Also b/w Victorian child. From Teri Pettit's paperdoll collection.

Betsy McCall: The First Ten Years - 1951 to 1961. Also Friends Around the World: Holland, Italy, Germany, France, , England, Japan, Spain paperdolls. From Teri Pettit's paperdoll collection.

Joan Walsh Anglund's girl paperdoll with Valentine outfits. Also Easter outfits. Also Elaine Shants' Erin Fairchilde fashions 3 sisters paperdolls. From Teri Pettit's paperdoll collection.

Betsy Rose: Michel's little girl paperdoll. Also Strawberry Shorcake. From Teri Pettit's paperdoll collection.

Tina: girl paperdoll with outfits. Also Kiko, Maria, Addy, Kim, Anna, Lina, Sandra, Mandy, Brittany by Jolene Naylor.

Delia & Ollie: girl paperdoll with her onion friend from ohmysocute.com

Little Miss Muffett: girl paperdoll with fairy tale outfits scanned from an antique postcard.

Tabatha: girl paperdoll from the TV series "Bewitched".

Mee Tu: Chinese paperdoll with three kimono plus hats. Also Tamaki with 2 dresses and 1 kimono.

Sierra: Little Mermaid paperdoll

Alice, Jacque and Baby Grace: Anne K. Donze's girl, toddler and baby paperdolls

Eddie and Amy: Also Winston & Lily and Brandon & Brianna with a choice of outfits. Also two Princess Paper Dolls and outfits plus more from ActivityVillage.

Dora's Kid's Stuff: 6 Sugar & Spice dolls with 36 outfits, Judith Leah & outfits, Betsy & Linda McCall. Plus many more.

Mary of the WACS: 1943 "Young American" girl doll with WAC uniforms and other outfits

Joshua and Patience: Tom Tierney's American Family of the Pilgrim Period paperdolls plus outfit #1 and #3. Also Adam and Marta plus outfit #1 and #2, & < a href="http://home.surewest.net/moseley/cutoutbook/page13.jpg?153,97">#3, Henry, Samuel, Anne & Amity plus outfit #1and #2, & Dr. Pat's Paper Dolls

Shirley Temple: Gail Ross' girl doll with 8 outfits. Also Sally Brown, Charlie Brown, Lucy Van Pelt, Dora the Explorer, Buffy Davis, Abigal Breslin, Anissa Jones, Dakota Fanning. From Gail's Paperdolls

Matthew and Rachel: boy and girl paperdolls with 30 outfits. Also Courtney, Chance & baby Caty, Jami and Aaron, Brittany & Brian, Meg, Emily, Missy and her doll, Andy, and Molly with dog. from Original Paper Dolls by *Cricket*.

Katie Doll: girl paperdoll with dress and 5 historic costumes: Daisy Duke, Marlo Thomas, Laura Ingalls, Marsha Brady, Hippie. Also "Soldier of Three Wars & Their Lasses - a boy & girl with historic outfits. From The Costume Gallery

Melanie: a toddler paperdoll by Judy Johnson, from OPDAG

Add-A-Face boy & girl: Millinium Paper Doll Album - 25 pages including the 20's, 30's, 40's, 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, Pilgrims, Mexico, Japan, China, Civil War, more. By The Learning Works.

Marie Rose: Adelia Beard's 1911 paperdoll. Also Maurieta Wellman's 1939 Easter dolls.

Girl: Funorama's b/w paperdoll in pdf format with outfits from Funorama's paperdoll page

Betsy McCall and her cousin Barbara: Also 5 more pages from jrpinky_boi's Paper Doll Set.

Electronic Paper Doll Families: Little Family, Sally & Sue, Katie & Kerry, Jane & Jill, and many more.

Polly Pratt: Sheila Young's 1920 Valentine paperdoll. Also Polly's friends and Baby Brother.

Shirley Temple: little girl paperdoll plus extra outfits page. Also Color-Me pages #1 and #2.

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Teenager Paperdolls

Special Note: We still need more African-American and international teenage paperdolls. Thank you to all artists who have recently met this need. How about you?

Mary Kate Olsen: teenage doll. Also Ashley Olsen from Gayle Ross' Celebrity Dolls.

Amy March: Donald Henricks's paperdoll from Little Women. Also Beth, Jo, and Meg March. Also Tom Sawyer from Mark Twain's Tom Sawyer. Also Teen Pop Queen. From True Collectables.

Nona Eka: teenage doll. Also Marta Eka, Miriam Eka, Ruut Eka and Emelia Eka paperdolls from Tiina Arpiainen's paperdoll collection. Also b/w Rosa, Anders, Mina, Tiiti and Heikki. New Generation of Paperdolls.

Depe Dee: Marianne Mathiason's teenage girl paperdoll with 3 outfits. Also The Ribbon Girls and 1960's girl doll, Anne of Green Gables, and Elf. From The Paper Doll Café

Marina: teenage Mexican college student paperdoll with 6 outfits - b/w and color.

Amy: Sweet 16 girl paperdoll with 2 outfits. Also Penny with Sweetheart Dance outfit and Island Girls. From Marian Jasper's Paper Dolls

Sabrina: Donna Carroll VanTreese's teenage girl paperdoll with 5 pages of clothing.

Meg: teenage girl paperdoll with horse and outfits. Also Jenny. From Original Paper Dolls by *Cricket*.

Dover Paperdolls: Also 16th Century paperdolls.

Little MaryJane: Berta and Elmer Hader's 1923 girl paperdoll. Also Miriam, Little Ellen, and Marjorie.

Judy Garland - teenage paperdoll (194l) with outfits from J.Johnson's site. Also Judy Garland as Tom Tierney's paperdoll 1974, 1978, 1982, 1940 and a Screen Life 1941 doll.

Kayla: teenage paperdoll and outfit #1 and #2 from Patty Reed Designs.

Isabelle & Cloe: Kwei-lin Lum's teenage girl paperdolls - Future 2, Street Clothes, Moonbase SF & gypsy.

Kanae: teenage paperdoll plus outfits. Also Miyuki paperdoll and outfits. Also Nancy & Jane with outfits #1, #2, #3, #4 from jrpinky_boi's Paper Doll Set

Aneka: teenage paperdoll plus outfits. from Maaria's Paperinuket Page

Cindy: teenage girl paperdoll. Also 3 other girls and 4 boys and outfits from Canon Print Planet.

Maya: Betina Thjellesen's teenage doll and outfits. Also Anya and Christina

Renoir's Sophie: girl teenage paperdoll with outfit Also Maria. From the U.S. Historical Society.

Renoir's Young John: boy paperdoll with his horse on wheels "Goldie" plus a riding outfit. Also Renoir's Camille, Suzanne, and Marie. Also Pearce Family Children and outfits. From the U.S. Historical Society.

Roxi Paper Doll: teenage doll and outfits. Also Cyan, Susanne, Yolanda, Kate, Rebecca, Fantasy paperdolls, more from Rachel Cohen's paperdolls

Allison: teenage girl doll and outfit pages #1, #2. Also Color-Me pages #1, #2, #3. From Abbigg's Creations.

Lise's Viktoria: teenage girl doll and outfits.

Peg & Dot: 1943 teenage girl dolls and outfits. Also 1955 "Six and Sweet Sixteen" sister dolls. Also 1973 The Candy Stripers. Also Helen Page's young Edwardian lady Dorothea. From Teri Pettit's paperdoll collection.

Barbie: teenage girl doll and outfits from Irene's Paperdolls

AngelFae and MissyFae: teenage faerie dolls and outfit pages #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, from Angel's Printable Paperdolls

Paris Hilton: by Helen I Thomas.

Brittany: girl doll with dog Morgan and outfit pages #1, #2 and #3 and #4. From morganthedog.com.

Trixy and Jenna: teenage Goth girl paperdolls with 15 pages of outfits. Also Mandy Lee & Mindy with 24 pages of outfits, Babbette with 7 pgs of outfits, Treelynn, Clinton, Ippy & A.J., and Barbarian Princess by Jolene Naylor.

Sailor Moon Universe: Sailor Moon girl doll with outfits and cat

Betty: and Katey paperdolls plus outfit pages #1, #2, #3, #4, and #5. From Dolls By Diane.

Caillou: boy paperdoll plus outfit pages #1, #2, #3, #4, #5 and #6. Also Rosie girl paperdoll plus outfit pages #1, #2, #3, #4, #5 and #6. From pbskids.org.

Sailor Moon: girl doll with outfit pages #1, #2 and #3 and cat

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